Resort Thereisenstadt

Resort Theresienstadt from the life of vacationers (2012)

The Resort (2012), is a documentary film that I worked on as an editor. The documentary is based on Terezin, one of the first concentration camps of World War II, used by the Nazis as a way station before sending jewish prisoners on to one of the many extermination camps. Described to the public as an "exemplary German camp for the re-education of Jewish citizens" this camp perpetuated propaganda in order to dispel the horrific rumours about extermination camps.

"The film gives individual faces and personalities to some of those who entered the camp and who were able to maintain their optimism and humanity through the misery and death surrounding them. They managed to save their own lives against all odds. The stories are not only of personal survival; they also reveal how the small city of Terezin had been turned into a transit camp for than 150,000 Jews and gained the name 'Little Zionist Experiment' by being host to one of the strangest and most horrific perpetrations of humanity ever inflicted on the Jewish people and how their wilful creative spirit rose above it." - Galina Kalashnikova

You can watch the trailer to this documentary here.