About Lucie

About Lucie Aleks
What makes Lucie stand out?…her ability to observe.  Lucie is proficient at studying her clients in order to capture their true essence.   Her attention to detail in utilizing the subject’s mannerisms, expressions and reactions takes extreme skill and an intuitive nature that Lucie draws upon and successfully transfers onto the photograph.  Lucie also utilizes this intuitive nature while editing.  She has the uncanny ability to highlight her subject’s personality and tell a unique narrative with each portrait having come out looking as natural as the original photograph.  Lucie is truly able to capture, service and magnify each client’s exclusive, individual story.

Her extraordinary use of natural light, fine eye for detail as well as her sought after editing skills make Lucie Aleks one of the go-to in demand head shot and portrait photographers in the Los Angeles area.  Lucie’s international award-winning work has been seen and mentioned in trade publications and she has photographed some of Hollywood’s best and brightest stars including Robert Redford, Bruce Dern and Kathy Griffin  just to name a few.  Her unique artistic style attracts many up and coming actors and musicians who rely on her creativity and intuition to highlight their unique personality.  Recent credits include working with cast members from the TV show The Voice as well as being the stills photographer and lighting director for The John Kerwin Show. Lucie’s friendly, welcoming and patient demeanor make her a pleasure to work with.