In addition to having one of LA’s busiest and most successful photography studios, Lucie is an internationally known award-winning photographer whose work can be found in a number of publications. 




So I thought I would clear something up here with everybody. Take a look at this article about John Kerwin's talk show for Weekly TV Now. I'm credited for one of the pictures, look at the credit and see if you can spot the typo!

If you are the majority then you'll be looking at it and wondering what I'm talking about. I never saw my name as something unusual or hard for others to comprehend – until I started working in a profession where my name is used on a regular basis when being credited. The name Lucie must be so different that Y has to replace IE regularly! It's a small difference but it's funny to me that people like to change it to Lucy all the time, even when being credited. 

LOS ANGELES PRESS CLUB AWARD - 55th Annual Southern California Journalism Awards & Centennial Celebration

Award for Alexander Woodman's Article

It's my pleasure and honor to announce my recent submission and win for an award at the Los Angeles Press Club, in their Future Photo. Alexander Woodman's article was based on the cultural differences noted between Dubai and the Western world by a California Pre-Doctorial Scholar and Cal State Fullerton student pursuing a master's degree in public health, who was invited by a Dubai University to make a presentation about conducting academic research and applying to universities in the United States. The article can be found online. I was gladly recognized for it and the award credit can now be seen on my website.


Wedding Trends with Renee Straus

On January 22nd of this year I was the official photographer for Bella Nella Bride, who offer beauty, makeup, massage and hair services to Brides. They were showcased among an elite list of others at a unique wedding showcase, covered by Wedding Trends with Renee Straus and was aired by KTLA 5 News. The wedding showcase featured the best of the best in the bridal industry, with an collection of luxury bridal brands, exquisitely designed bridal vignettes and an esteemed panel of wedding experts dedicated to helping couples make their wedding visions a reality. As a photographer covering events such as these you have to be prepared for a long busy working day, starting and ending at unusual hours. My working day began at 3am, which is normally the time I go to sleep! And had a full long day, working until 12am the following morning. This is part of doing what I do, and of course as always it was worth it and I was very happy with the results and happy to be working to represent and in partnership with the wonderful Bella Nella Bride.

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